Going Hard In The Tunnel

Young Jeezy has continued to push his next album, TM 103, further into 2011. The first legitimate single form the compilation is “Meet Me In The Tunnel,” which is getting a lot of airplay in ATL. It is pretty clear from the surface that Jeezy has no intentions to change his sound at all, so I would not be expecting anything out of the usual two or three quality tracks from his next album. If you are in the mood to go hard early 2000′s style, then drop the windows down in the whip and bump this one with the bass overdrive with this Young Gotti collaboration (NOTE: This song most definitely is NSFW).

Leggo Tuesday

Breezy continues to release free tracks, jumping in line behind Drake, Lil Wayne, and Kanye as one of the industry’s hardest workers in the studio. Typically I am not a Busta Rhymes fan, but he definitely lays the wood in his high speed verse. Lil Wayne finishes the song off with one of the better verses we have heard from him in a long time. Get on your Tuesday Leggo grind to Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” (NOTE: This song is NSFW).

Tuesday Album Releases – January 25, 2010 Edition

There are a total of zero headliner album releases today, but some good news is on the horizon. Via Kanye West’s twitter account, he has confirmed that his collaboration album with Jay-Z is on track to be released in two months, as well as a surprise solo album to follow up My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Since there are no releases this week, I thought I'd put in a plug for this website, an interesting site if you like music. You'll find some great music festivals and concerts like "The Cool Air Concert Series," the "Snowbird Mountain Music Festival," and the "Snowbird Rock & Blues Festival." Gotta love that music.

American Idol Primer

It is no coincidence that Jennifer Lopez has released a single on the very same week she makes her debut as an American Idol judge. After several failed, yet lucrative, attempts at acting, she has turned her attention to reviving her status as a Pop singer. Unfortunately her vocals are not very strong in “On The Floor,” but there is a nice dancing beat and some hype built in from Pitbull. It is at least worth adding to your pregame playlist. Expect to see a few more singles this winter/spring as she intelligently promotes her album along with her American Idol appearances.

Wednesday’s Beautiful People

There is an underground debate going on about the latest Benny Benassi and Chris Brown collaboration. Chris Brown claims via twitter that “Beautiful People” is an official single for his next album, but other sources are adament that this song was clearly written by Benny Banassi for his next album. My money is on Breezy claiming it for his next dance floor dropping hit. Although the song is still unfinished, I already see a great music video and various power remixes on the horizon. Get over the hump to Chris Brown’s “Beautiful People (Featuring Benny Benassi)”.

Stereo Love Inspiration

Overnight world renown singer/producer Edward Maya is rapidly becoming a dance club chart topper. Continuing on his success from “Stereo Love,” Maya tag teams his latest masterpiece with Russian singer Vika Jigulina (also featured on “Stereo Love”) for a second go round. Upon first listen there is no doubting that he has raised the bar on what to expect from the Romanian song writer in the future. Good luck getting these instrumentals out of your head for the next week as you blast “Desert Rain”.

Better Than Tuesday

Akon continues to shine in a supporting role with the industry’s biggest names, as well as the up and comers. 25 year old Matisse is in a long line to become another Pop star as she teams up with Akon to begin her singles career with “Better Than Her,” which includes some patented Akon synth lines and Logic Pro stock beats. It seems that this song has topped out already on the US dance charts, but a release of another dance worthy track may rejuvenate this single’s position on the iTunes charts.

Tuesday Album Releases – January 18, 2011 Edition

Now is the time to release a superb Indie album, because that is about all the competition is about right now in the industry. The Script headlines this week’s list of album releases…spring can not come soon enough. Your Tuesday album releases are as follows.

New Artist Watch Monday

It has felt like pulling teeth trying to find new music worthy of more than a couple listens, one of the few that sticks out is from new R&B artist, Jessica Ashley. Ashley reps NYC as a singer, writer and producer, which gives her nearly unlimited potential as an up and coming 18 year old artist. ”Near Me” is eerily similar to one of Christina Aguilera’s more impressive ballad’s, with some beautiful piano and synth instrumentals to back up Ashley’s powerful voice. Getcha week started off right with a fusion of old school and new age female R&B.

Goin Ham Thursday

Kanye West continues his insomnia driven career, as he is currently putting the final touches on a collaborative album with Jay-Z. ”H.A.M.” is the first single off of the highly anticipated album, Watch The Throw. As expected Kanye dominates the song, with some solid lines from Jay-Z, this is definitely a hard hitting Rap song. Check out Ye and Jay’s first of many singles of 2011 (Warning: This song is NSFW!).